AMASS transforms a device typically considered as “off-line storage” into truly on-line direct access mass storage. AMASS presents your automated optical or tape library as one device and one mount point, with a standard UNIX file system consisting of directories and files. A user or application can write files to or read files from the library the same way they would with the magnetic disk.

Advantages of using AMASS

  • Provides direct access to optical and tape storage libraries
  • Increases overall system performance because the data is written to the media in a contiguous stream
  • Delivers more efficient data management by allowing the many pieces of media to be divided into sets called volume groups
  • Enhances disaster recovery with automatic backup of the AMASS index to media in the library and a fully synchronized journal
  • Enables you to match the media to the application through its support of over 20 different vendors’ optical and tape libraries

AMASS is a file system implemented through the UNIX virtual file system layer. It’s completely transparent single filesystem interface and unlimited filesystem size can provide direct file access and storage on libraries of any size.Because AMASS presents the entire library under a single, exportable mount point, files are accessible via standard communication protocols such as NFS, TCP/IP, RFS, NetWare, AppleShare, LAN Manager and others.AMASS provides file, volume, drive, and automated library management and system administration tools needed to control, configure and monitor the system.

AMASS treats all media or volumes in the library as one large disk. An on-line AMASS index keeps track of where files are located on different volumes both in and out of the library. The capacity of the AMASS file system is virtually limitless. Maximum UNIX file size is supported and, when necessary, files and directories can span volumes.

  • Supports standard UNIX commands
  • Utilizes high-speed magnetic disk caching to reduce contention and increase performance
  • Utilizes on-line index to track file information allowing many common UNIX file operations to be completed without having to load a volume
  • Utilizes a motif-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) for system administration
  • Supports multiple heterogeneous libraries simultaneously (optical and tape)
  • Prioritizes reads over writes
  • Manages file, volume and drive operations automatically

See also our Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) solution, DataMgr.

Adobe Photoshop for Sun

With Adobe® Photoshop® software, designers and photographers can create original artwork, correct color, retouch and composite scanned images, and prepare professional-quality separations and output with more flexibility than ever before. With a wealth of powerful painting and selection tools, plus multiple layers, special effects filters, and lighting effects, Adobe Photoshop is a camera for your mind.

No matter what your design challenge Adobe Photoshop software for Sun makes image editing and processing tasks fast and easy. Harness the power of the Sun SPARCstation to manipulate large files, multi-task between projects, and interface with other 2D and 3D applications. Fully optimized for Sun, Adobe Photoshop takes full advantage of the latest enhancements for the Solaris 32-bit operating system by offering support for multi-threading and multiprocessor capabilities.

Adobe Photoshop for Sun also offers the same professional features as it does on other platforms, so you can leverage your Adobe Photoshop expertise. And it provides cross-platform compatibility, so you can freely use and edit Adobe Photoshop files created on other platforms, as well as exchange files between platforms.

The Adobe Photoshop Package comes with Adobe (TM) Acrobat (TM) Reader, which makes it possible to view or print any Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) file on-screen. Also included, Adobe ShowPS(TM) software lets you view PostScript language documents.

Key Features

Broad Graphics File Support

  • The highest quality, broadest support for different file formats, including Encapsulated PostScript (EPS, including Adobe Illustrator), Kodak PhotoCD, TIFF, JPEG, Scitex CT, DCS, PCX, BMP, PIXAR, PixelPaint, MacPaint, Raw, Targa (TGA), CompuServe® GIF, PICT/PICT Resource, Amiga IFF/LBM, and Sun Raster.
  • IPTC standard file captions
  • Support for high-dynamic range scans and files
  • Quick Edit feature that lets you edit a portion of a high-resolution file for fast, localized retouching tasks


  • Multiple layers for easy image compositing
  • Layers that can be merged, flattened, flipped, copied, and clipped together
  • Filters that can be used in all or part of a layer
  • Layer mask for controlling transparency on a layer without destroying image data
  • Drag-and-drop support for easily combining selections from different files or different layers


  • Many drawing and paint tools, including Pencil, Brush, Airbrush, Clone, Text, Line, and more
  • Dodge and Burn tools for selectively lightening or darkening an image
  • Sponge tool for selectively saturating and desaturating color
  • User-definable, soft-edged brushes
  • Pressure-sensitive tablet support
  • Option to paint with textures or patterns
  • Retouch options that include Smudge, Sharpen, and Blur, and a Rubber Stamp for cloning part of an image
  • Anti-aliased text at any size or resolution

Selection Tools

  • Color Range for maximum control in building anti-aliased masks based on selected colors in an image
  • Quick Mask feature for creating, viewing and editing masks directly on the image
  • Rectangular and elliptical polygons for regional selection
  • Lasso and Bézier-based Pen tool for drawing precise and complex paths
  • Magic Wand for automatic color range selection
  • Feather-edge selections for blending backgrounds and combining foreground and background images
  • As many as 24 alpha channels for saving multiple selections in one document

Color Adjustments

  • Variations feature for easily adjusting image color and brightness by previewing and choosing from a range of color images
  • Adjustments for brightness, contrast, and midtones (gamma)
  • Controls for selectively adjusting hue, saturation, and brightness
  • Adjustable tonal curses and control points on curves
  • Replace Color for correcting the color of a selected area by adjusting its hue, saturation, and brightness values
  • Selective Color Correction for adjusting the ink values of individual color channels or plates by entering absolute or relative values
  • Independent color balance adjustment for shadows, highlights, and midtones

Image Transformation

  • Rotate, Stretch, Skew, and Distort options
  • Intelligent resampling to alter image resolution for output

Filter Collection

  • Many effects filters, including lighting effects; multiple choices for image sharpening, softening, stylizing, and distortion; video; and removal of noise, dust, and scratches. Create custom filters or use third-party filters that support the program’s plug-in interface
  • Lighting effects for applying multiple light sources to an image and for choosing from a range of colors, intensities, and angles
  • Proxies in Filter dialog boxes to show the effect of a filter at low resolution before it is applied to the image

Professional Color Separations

  • Capability for adjusting printed output for paper stock and printing device
  • Advanced calibration features
  • Automatic trapping
  • Professional control of undercolor removal (UCR), gray component replacement (GCR), undercolor addition, and ink densities
  • Moiré elimination on Adobe PostScript Level 2 devices
  • Information window with densitometer readings

On-Screen CMYK Editing

  • Editing of four-color process images in CMYK mode without splitting channels
  • Acquisition of CMYK images directly from high-end scanners
  • Gamut Warning that highlights colors that are out of CMYK printing range

Color Support

  • Unequaled flexibility in converting between editing modes, including Bitmap, Grayscale, Duotone, Indexed Color, RGB, and CMYK
  • CMYK preview feature for quickly viewing a “soft proof” of an image while still in RGB mode
  • Broad range of index color modes, color tables and user-definable color palettes
  • Capability for creating high-quality duotones, tritones, and quadtones with PANTONE or process inks
  • Support for device-independent color with the CIE LAB color mode and support for PANTONE, FOCOLTONE, DIC, Toyo(TM) and TRUMATCH color systems

Hardware Acceleration

  • Optimized for Sun workstations
  • Multi-threaded architecture for maximum CPU utilization and efficiency
  • Multiprocessor support, providing potential for near-linear performance gains

User Interface Enhancements

  • Fast preview option for instantly viewing adjustments to high-resolution images
  • New palette design that lets you group and separate floating palettes for placement anywhere on the desktop
  • Commands palette that lets you assign buttons to frequently used commands and palettes for quick access

Advanced PostScript Language Support

  • Program-generated PostScript language for highest quality output
  • PostScript language rendering for integrating line art with true color Photographic images
  • CIE LAB color space for consistent color output to Adobe PostScript Level 2 devices

Cross-Platform Compatibility

  • Identical feature set and binary-compatible file formats with Macintosh, Windows, and Silicon Graphics versions

Open Architecture

  • Support of TWAIN interface for a broad range of image-acquisition devices
  • Broad support from third-party developers for the industry-standard Adobe Photoshop plug-in interface


  • PostScript Printer Description file that gives you access to printer-specific controls from within Adobe Photoshop

Product Includes

  • Adobe Photoshop software
  • More than 40 plug-in filters
  • On-line documentation and technical notes
  • Sample backgrounds and textures
  • Stock art and photography
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader software
  • Adobe ShowPS software

Adobe Illustrator for Sun

Recognized as the leading illustration and page design tool, Adobe Illustrator 5.5 for Sun gives you powerful new enhancements; hundreds of fonts; a library of clip art; a PostScript viewing application; new type software for hassle-free font management; and a Type On Call CD-ROM, for easy access to thousands of fonts.

With its powerful illustration and text manipulation capabilities, Adobe Illustrator 5.5 for Sun is a sensational authoring tool for creating Web pages, the perfect product for creating technical and creative illustrations, and an ideal complement to image editing and CAD software applications.

Powerful features such as creating text on a curve, spelling checking, search and replace by font, and tabs make Adobe Illustrator the precise choice for labeling maps or technical drawings. With its comprehensive illustration toolset, Adobe Illustrator is perfect for creating logos, brochures and original artwork for publication both on paper and on the Internet. Adobe Illustrator also uses a common file format for the Sun, Silicon Graphics®, Macintosh® and Windows® platforms, making it easy to exchange files between them.

Creative professionals in deadline-driven environments need the advantages that Sun systems offer, such as simultaneous access to an unlimited number of fonts, use of the network to easily collaborate with team members, quick access to information on the Internet, and the ability to work on several tasks at the same time.

Draw Upon Your Imagination

Begin your illustration by sketching, tracing over scans or entering precise object dimensions. Use the calligraphic brush to create stylized effects. Superior text features give you as much flexibility with text as with graphics. Place text on any path, within or around any object. Instantly apply tabs, rows, and columns. Use the spelling checker to prevent costly typos. And create font outlines to make special text effects.

Adobe Illustrator also gives you powerful ways to use color. Quickly create multicolor gradients. And instantly pick up and apply color using the Eye Dropper and Paint Bucket tools.

Adobe Illustrator offers a variety of easy ways to manage your designs. Increase your design control with layers management and custom page sizes. And work more efficiently by using custom views to save snapshots” of particular views that you can easily return to later.

You can use Adobe Illustrator 5.5 to import Portable Document Format (PDF) files, which can be created from any PostScript language document. You can then create sensational artwork by editing and expanding the PDF pages using the powerful design tools in Adobe Illustrator.

Apply plug-in filters to instantly create objects and complex special effects, and to perform time-saving tasks that are painstaking to do by hand.

A Library of Software in One Package

Adobe Illustrator 5.5 for Sun includes 220 Type 1 fonts; a library of clip art; Adobe Collector’s Edition, with more than 200 patterns, gradients, and textures; and more.

Version 5.5 also includes the award-winning Type On Call CD-ROM, which lets you instantly access more than 2,000 fonts in the Adobe Type Library by placing a phone call to purchase and unlock the fonts. And, to get you started, you receive 30 fonts free with Type On Call.

Also included is Adobe ShowPS, which lets you view PostScript language documents on-screen; and Adobe Type Installer, a new graphical application for installing and managing Type 1 fonts, for creating instances of multiple master fonts, and for downloading fonts to PostScript printers.

Services For Businesses

[Training] [Consulting][Technical support] [Development and integration]

Professional Services

Our Support Service Agreement contains five integrated parts:

  • Systems Integration: All hardware and software are installed, configured, tested, and delivered on site.
  • Education and Training: Specific product training is available on-site or at our training center equipped with a network of Sun SPARCstations. Generally, courses are provided with manual sets and course material. All students receive on-going telephone support. Certain courses are available either in English or in French, in some cases using our own custom-designed french courses including documentation.
  • Telephone and On-Site Support Services: Our application trainers, software specialists and hardware engineers, will come on-site on a pre-planned regular basis to assist with application support, further education and other duties such as software upgrades. All on-site visits and telephone calls are logged and a report is mailed on a regular basis to keep your department and management informed. If assistance is required over and above the allocated monthly time, we simply subtract that time from the total support agreement. This approach helps you budget for on-going support. It also allows us to allocate and prioritize resources needed to fix your problems.
  • Programming Services: Our professional team of programmers and analysts can develop custom software to your exact requirements on a timely basis, within budget and quality assured.
  • Hardware Maintenance: Hardware support is available on request. The cost depends on the age and type of equipment as well as the level of support required.

Quality Resources

We have permanent support staff with a broad range of skills covering primarily UNIX and some PC and Apple applications. An Ethernet network connects all of our internal workstations and peripherals.

  • Human Resources:
    Application training: (see Software section )
    Programmers: C, Fortran, MIF, MML, Perl, Oracle, HTML and JAVA.
  • Software:
    Document Authoring & Distribution: Adobe FrameMaker, FrameMaker+SGML, Acrobat
    Graphics: complete Adobe product line, including Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
    Document Management & Imaging: Saros & FileNet
    Internet and Intranet: Netscape, Lotus, Softquad, InContext, Fulcrum, OpenText, and others.
  • Hardware:
    Platforms: Sun, SGI, HP
    Others: various input/output devices such as optical jukeboxes (with server software), scanners, laser printers, color printers, digital cameras, etc.

Multiplatform Support

We are able to offer consultation, training, and support on all major workstations, including:

Auto Hebdo
Bank of Canada
Bell Canada
Communications Canada
CRIM (Centre de Recherche Informatique de Montreal)
Ericsson Communications
Petawawa National Forestry Institute
Hydro Québec
McGill University
Mitel (Bromont & Kanata)
MPB Technologies
National Libraries
National Research Council
Naval Engineering
Noranda Technologies
Northern Telecom
SPAR Aerospace
Statistics Canada
Sun Microsystems of Canada
Université de Laval
Université de Montréal
Université du Québec à Trois Rivières
University of New Brunswick
University of Ottawa
University of Toronto
Ville de Sherbrooke