DataMgr is a distributed file management package that manages your client and/or server disks to provide unattended magnetic disk resource management. It reduces the need for more expensive magnetic disk storage by transparently assigning data to the most cost-effective storage media. DataMgr also provides both transparent file migration and the ability to directly access optical disk jukeboxes and/or tape libraries through its layered integration with the AMASS® software.

Why use DataMgr?

DataMgr lowers your storage costs and reduces the need tor expensive magnetic disk.

  • Increases the capacity of your existing file systems through file migration
  • Provides automatic space availability when your magnetic disk file system begins to fill or when user-defined migration criteria are met
  • Reduces the costs of storage and storage management by migrating files to less expensive storage media

DataMgr provides additional capability for the AMASS virtual file system. As a layered product to AMASS, DataMgr introduces hierarchical storage management (HSM) into your full heterogeneous client/server or centralized configurations.

DataMgr’s HSM functions automatically and transparently migrate infrequently used data from local storage on your clients or file servers usually hard disk drives. AMASS then moves the data to less expensive media, such as magnetic tape, optical disk, or optical tape. This frees storage space on your faster, more expensive storage devices for better utilization of resources.

Your EMASS advantage: All of these functions are transparent to the user, making it seem as though each client workstation has a local hard drive with virtually unlimited storage capacity.

DataMgr provides user-selectable migration criteria with transparent access. Migration types include: Explicit-initiated by user requests, Periodic-initiated during non-peak times and Demand-initiated automatically when space is exhausted in the file system. Files can be migrated based on file age, file size, minimum age and size thresholds, and file location. In addition, files and directories can be locked against migration if desired.

  • Enables transparent file migration and access to users and applications
  • Provides direct access to tape and optical automated libraries through AMASS
  • Allows you to read file contents during file reloading
  • Enables compatibility with third party network backup products-backup and restore succeed even without reloading migrating files
  • Provides flexible migration policies for easy configuration to the needs of specific environments
  • Uses native UNIX file system without any modifications to preserve compatibility of the native file system
  • Enables easy installation, operation and maintenance Complies with the IEEE Mass Storage Reference Model

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